Avoid Excessive Weight Gain This Holiday Season

Thanksgiving MealYou are not alone if you feel like with every holiday season, the pounds just seem to accumulate.

Instead of accepting it, why not approach your holiday meals in a different way?  Use it as an exercise in making smart choices and learning to savor your food. Chances are, you will avoid the weight gain and still be able to enjoy the food and holiday activities.

  • Choose the healthier options available to you.  For example, choose mashed sweet potatoes vs. mashed white potatoes.
  • Don’t deprive yourself- just have smaller portions!  For example, instead of the heaping pile of stuffing and two ladles of gravy, choose a portion smaller than or about the size of your fist with 1/2-1 ladle of gravy.
  • Take your time chewing and pause in between bites.  If you chew your food up to 30 times per bite, the digestions process will begin in your  mouth.  This also allows you to pause a bit in between bites and allows the food to enter your belly and make you fuller faster.  Possibly preventing the need to fill your plate a second or third time.
  • Enjoy your company while you are eating by engaging in laughter and conversation. This will help with pauses in between bites versus inhaling the food as quickly as possible because you have been waiting for it since last year!
  • Take a walk with friends or family members you haven’t seen in a while. Not only is it an opportunity to “catch up”, it also helps burn some of those holiday calories.As you can see, it’s not about having to give any of those traditions up during the holiday season.  You certainly don’t want to miss out and then be thinking about it until next year!  Smart choices not only make holidays more enjoyable, but will also make you feel better about yourself.


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