MBB Bookshelf

My own suggestions to you to further your knowlege and gain peace of mind…

           Book Title                                               Author

Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips                                             Kris Carr

Crazy Sexy Diet                                                             Kris Carr

A Course in Weight Loss                               Marianne Williamson

The Diet Cure                                                               Julia Ross

Digestive Wellness                                               Elizabeth Lipski

The Fat Flush Plan                                          Ann Louise Gittleman

The Fat Flush Cookbook                              Ann Louise Gittleman

Getting the Love You Want                            Harville Hendrix

Gluten, the Gut Microbiome                            Tom Maltere

Grain Brain                                                           David Perlmutter

Healthy Aging                                                          Andrew Weil

Integrative Nutrition                                       Joshua Rosenthal

The Mood Cure                                                         Julia Ross

Nutrition in Clinical Practice                            David Katz

The Paleo Approach                                         Sarah Ballantyne

Perfect Health for Kids                                    John Douillard

The Prescription for Nutritional Healing    Phyllis Balch

Primal Cravings Cookbook                   Brandon and Megan Keatley

Slim by Design                                                       Brian Wansink

The Ultrasimple Diet                                               Mark Hyman

The Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook    Tom Maltere and Alissa Segersten

10 Mindful Minutes                                                 Goldie Hawn